We offer performance opportunities throughout the year for interested students. This teaches students confidence, gives them experience performing on stage in front of an audience, and also allows them to showcase their talents to others and improve on their skills. Both non-competitive and competitive opportunities are available.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop encourages students to learn steps and create their own style and flair in a funky way. Students learn set steps, which they adapt to suit their own style and individuality.


This class consists of learning cartwheels, handstands, bridges and all round upper and lower body strength. Once the basic steps are perfected, students can learn more advanced steps such as aerials, walkovers and handsprings.


Teaches students beats and rhythm through the use of taps worn on the soles of the shoes. Not only do students get to dance to the music, they are able to make music as well.


A fun style of dance, jazz encourages students to learn rhythm, co-ordination and follow beats in the music, to perform a high energy modern style of dance.


Is a soft flowing classical style which teaches students poise, elegance, balance, correct posture, body placement and turn out. All students are encouraged to learn ballet as it gives the grounding for all other dance styles.