Trenna Baumann
Trenna BaumannArtistic Director
Founder and owner of Trenna’s Dance Studio, Trenna grew up with a love of dance from an early age, dancing everywhere she went. Starting with ballet, she then progressed to learn many styles of dance including jazz, tap, contemporary, hip hop and acrobatics. It was her goal to provide quality dance education to the local and surrounding community in which she grew up in as a child, in a fun, family friendly and affordable atmosphere; and pass on her knowledge, skill and expertise to further generations, so they too could harbor a love of dance.
Starting dance at the age of 3, Shania quickly developed a love for many styles of dance. She has performed at Eisteddfods and received excellent results and feedback from adjudicators. When she dances, she fully embodies the style she is teaching, and imparts her knowledge and skill to the younger students. Her favourite styles are hip hop and jazz, and you’ll also find her assisting our younger students to be the best they can be.
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Our Valuable Teaching Faculty

Elise grew up learning jazz and tap styles of dance, and progressed to learning the hip hop style which she loves. You’ll find Elise in the junior hip hop classes as well as assisting in the junior acrobatics classes.
One of our senior students, Rachel loves the hip hop and jazz styles of dance. You’ll also find her assisting our young acrobatics students to achieve their skills.